Pretty Smart: Introducing PracticeGenius

Posted on October 28th, 2010

Mattia­cio Or­thodon­tics is owned by Dr. Brian Mattia­cio and was estab­lished in 2007. The practice is located in Farm­ington, New York, and serves the south­east suburbs of Rochester. Mattia­cio offers a wide va­ri­ety of or­thodon­tic options for his pa­tients, including Invisalign and the Da­mon system. Mattia­cio explains how introduc­ing PracticeGe­nius, a pa­tient rewards program, to his clientele has pos­itively af­fected his practice.

My office has been us­ing PracticeGe­nius’ Pa­tient Rewards Hub program for two years and we have found it to be an inval­uable part of our practice. Since introduc­ing this program we have seen dramat­ic ben­efits, some which include: increases in pa­tient re­ferrals, new pa­tient exams, observation pa­tient conver­sion, eas­i­er time connecting pa­tients with our practice, fur­ther differ­entiating us from oth­er practices in our area and strengthening our relation­ships with the general dental community. Best of all it has been simple to introduce and use, and our pa­tients love it!

The team at PracticeGe­nius equipped us with all the tools nec­essary to launch, admin­is­ter, and mar­ket our program. Our program consists of our own customized reward cards, web application and messaging platform, individual pa­tient portals and e-commerce pa­tient reward hub. All prom­inently fea­tur­ing our practice’s brand and linked through our Web site.

Since we started us­ing the rewards hub program, we have had dozens of pa­tients re­fer their friends to us. Because of the program pa­tients are more inc­lined to talk to their friends about our office. They want their friends to share in all the fun here. Dur­ing new exams, we frequently have pa­tients re­m­ind us which friend re­ferred them to our office and then they ask us about how they can get started in the program as well. We once had some­one who mentioned he had already re­ferred a friend before he had even come to us for his consultation!

We love to hear about our pa­tients’ activ­ities and successes. We have fun giving bonus points to those who tell us about what is hap­pening in their lives. The Pa­tient Rewards Hub program helps us to feel more connected with our pa­tients. We have heard sto­ries about scor­ing a goal in a soccer game, be­ing se­lected for all-county or­chestra, per­fect at­ten­dance records dur­ing the school year, vol­unteering at the local food cupboard, and picking out a new puppy! One of our pa­tients was even awarded bonus points for bravely killing a spi­der in our office!

With sev­eral or­thodon­tic offices serving our area, this program differ­entiates us and gives pa­tients and par­ents in­centive to join our practice. It also gives the dental pro­fes­sion­als in our area an­oth­er rea­son to re­fer their pa­tients to us. As part of our goal to pro­vide the best or­thodon­tic expe­ri­ence avail­able, we be­lieve our rewards hub program has set us apart from oth­er offices. Earning points for prizes is a tan­gible, fun way to encour­age treat­ment compli­ance. We even reward pa­tients with points for vis­iting their dentists for cleanings and exams. Dentists and hygien­ists have mentioned to us how much they ap­preciate this. A hygien­ist at one dental office told us that they wished more offices offered some­thing like this to help their pa­tients maintain good oral habits dur­ing their or­thodon­tic treat­ment.

The program is so easy to use! When pa­tients make an ap­point­ment for their next vis­it, they give us their rewards card. To add points, we just swipe the card and choose the points to add. It is that easy! We add points for good oral hygiene, be­ing compli­ant with rub­berband wear, showing up on time, having noth­ing loose or bro­ken, and wearing their Mattia­cio Or­thodon­tics T-shirt! For those pa­tients who are not ready for treat­ment and are com­ing in for super­vi­sion ap­point­ments, we add points for los­ing baby teeth.

Our pa­tients have com­mented on how easy it is for them to access their account information through a link on our Web site. Once logged into their account, they can check the point bal­ance, see a list of all avail­able prizes and or­der prizes. In addition, pa­tients can see messages from our office. Af­ter one pa­tient had a partic­ularly diffi­cult ap­point­ment, we sent him a message letting him know that he did a great job. The par­ent of this pa­tient called us to let us know how much she ap­preciated this extra touch.

The PracticeGe­nius’ Pa­tient Rewards Hub program has been a successful and crit­ical compo­nent of our mar­keting program by connecting us with pa­tients and with the dental pro­fes­sion­als in our area. At Mattia­cio Or­thodon­tics we strive to make our office a fun, ac­cessible place for our pa­tients and the Rewards Hub program has been a key part of accomplish­ing this.