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We Transform Smart Ideas Into Amazing Products

We leverage proprietary technology platforms on behalf of the practices we represent to provide a more memorable, tailored, efficient and profitable patient experience. Our product suite is highly customized and enables our customers to offer a premier level of patient interaction. Practices look to us for total program solutions from marketing strategy to implementation. Simply said, we do the work. You get results.

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System that helps to create incentives for patient participation

For years I had searched for a system that would help to create incentives for patient participation that were based in rewarding good behavior/compliance. PracticeGenius hits the “sweet spot” for engendering helpful habits for patients, resulting in ever‐improving involvement in treatment. Most of...

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The Millennial Mom: Her Native Tongue is Technology and She’s a Digital Influencer by Birthright

by Brenda AshwellPublished in Bentson Clark Resource Newsletter 2nd quarter, 2016Millennial moms – born between 1978 and 1994 – are easy to spot. Their smartphones are never far from reach, they’re adept at multitasking, and were the earliest adopters of email, online banking and original social sit...

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Connect, Engage, and Win New Patients!

by Brenda AshwellPublished in Bentson Clark Resource Newsletter 2nd quarter, 2011 With the competitive landscape of orthodontics ever changing and the resounding shift towards new social communication standards, the manner in which we connect, engage, and ultimately win new patients has many practic...

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Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Happy!

PracticeGenius enjoys a fun, fast-paced and exciting corporate culture that never leaves its team members without a new problem to solve for. We pride ourselves on the diversity that is celebrated amongst our teams. Further, we’re passionate people, collectively sharing in an affinity for intelligent minds, quality of work, taking care of customers and the success that comes with it. As challenges occur, we greatly appreciate the willingness to meet and successfully overcome those moments with an open mind and positive outlook. We strive for a work-life balance and do our best to accommodate for which of the two need the center stage on any given day or week.